Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Day in Dallas, OR

Friday morning Louise fixed a scrumptious brunch for our crew: bacon, eggs, wheat pancakes, Tillamook yogurt, and assorted juices.

poached eggs, a 1st for our family

around the breakfast table
We set out for the day, driving through Baskett Slough, so close to the hundreds of Canada geese. Then we hiked up to the lookout, Louise pointing out native wildflowers and identifying bird songs along the trail.  

Back down the hill we hiked through an old-growth forest, thankfully, in the shade. Cora occupied herself with rolling her tiny water bottle (from Louise) down the path. We saw Poison Oak, lupines, and little flitting butterflies.

Blue Fender butterfly

Then we toured Western Interlockthe paving business where Louise works. She showed us an old building in Dallas that is the shape & size of the ark. We watched in alarm as a man and small girl came to the railroad tracks on a tractor with the front forklift dragging. The impact jumped the tractor sideways, but the passengers held on! Louise treated us to an early supper of pizza & root beer floats.

delighted with ice cream & pop

cowboy pizza and another with artichokes again - yum!

We enjoyed the pleasant evening outside, reading scripture, and conversing. We enjoyed good discussions with Louise the whole day! She had a physical mini I Spy in her home that challenged the children ... finding a violet, bird, butterfly, and windmill in each room of the house.

Saturday morning we had another meal together before moving on toward Portland. 

one last 'church service' on the front steps

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