Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Harris Beach

Harris Beach from the top of Rocky Beach Trail

Monday, April 22 dawned bright and beautiful. We left Crescent City, CA and crossed state lines into Oregon. South of Brookings we stopped at the Oregon Visitor Center and left with a handful of pamphlets plus 4 sand dollars from that beach. Just a few miles north, through town, we set up camp at Harris Beach State Recreation Area campground. We packed lunch and headed to the beach!

Riley jetted up a spur off the trail.
See him waving at the peak?

halfway down the steep trail
The children waded in the water a little bit, then we walked over some large rocks to explore tide pools. Some boys had corralled several crabs in a circle of rocks. We found several more!

We moved back to the large beach area for lunch and more water play. A very tame squirrel nibbled mixed nuts out of Riley and Cora's hands!

Back at camp, we washed a couple loads of laundry, played on the nearby playground equipment, ate supper, and roasted marshmallows over the campfire. We watched the sun set over the ocean and noticed how the tide came in and covered where we had played earlier in the day. Hours of creative entertainment!

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