Sunday, May 26, 2013

Darin & Jenny's

We left Joe & Denise's and drove northwest on I-84 passing by a big Ore Ida potato plant near the state line. (Now we know what that name means!) Entered Pacific Time Zone again. This was the first stretch of our trip that we backtracked...about 4 hours. We opted to take the Columbia Gorge route with lots of flowing water through Oregon instead of the High Desert and so viewed the Blue Mountains again on our return trip.

Blue Mountains, OR
We stopped back by Pendleton and parked in town at Jenny's. Her daughter Kyra had a Little League fastpitch game not too far away, so we walked a few blocks to the ballfield. Jenny treated our kiddos to snowcones, a first for little Cora. (Bummer, I forgot my camera!)

After the game we walked back to Jenny's for a steak dinner prepared by Darin. Baked potatoes, salad, french bread, soda, and ice cream too. Kaylan and Annie baked and decorated cupcakes while the other children sported on the wii.

cutting steaks off the choice meat

Jenny in her kitchen

What happens when cupcakes are iced while still warm? :)

We overnighted in a lot across the street from their house. Which just happened to be 30 feet from the train tracks and which happened to be a well used track and so we enjoyed the bright engine light, loud rattling noise, and vibration frequently during the night!

goodbye before work outside the RV
Jenny's house on the left, hospital on the right

Here we are with morning train rumbling by!
Riley layed several pennies on the track before bed and retrieved well-flattened pieces of copper in the morning. What an experience!


  1. Hi Heath!! I must say I am tad jealous to see you and Jen.. and all these fun pics for that matter! what fun to have the privilege to visit soo many people and have no time crunch! This post on the night trains cracked me up! Yikes! And with 5 trying to sleep! :) So glad to have a visual of Jen's house! Thanks! :)

    1. We are truly enjoying catching up with different people after so many years. I know it will seem like a dream when we get home. Loving it while we can!:)