Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Uncle Harold & Aunt Mae's, Everett & Sandy's, RC Planes

Thursday morning, Shannon's cousin Bethany came out to the motor home for about an hour chat before she went to her nanny job. We had a relaxing morning of schoolwork and getting acquainted with the busy Wray family where Bethany has lived for the past 3 years. There was extra activity around the place because Everett's business, Garden Gate Nursery, was having special retail days right beside the house. The children took rides on the golf carts with and without customers. 

After lunch we spent the afternoon down the way a few miles with Great Uncle Harold & Aunt Mae. She showed us old black & white photos, family pictures, her bedroom sister display (my grandma was her sister), and other family heirlooms. She had some special antique dolls that we took pictures together with.

2 dollies and 1 real baby

Aunt Mae holding Great Aunt Ruth's doll

Uncle Harold talked to Shannon about their various travels and the history of Pasco while Aunt Mae served us chewy peanut butter cereal bars and apple juice. She blessed us with a cheery dish towel too!

We took the long way back to Everett & Sandy's, enjoying the orchard scenes around us...fruit trees, vineyards, and fields, all irrigated from the Columbia River water and Grand Coulee Dam. We enjoyed a delicious grilled chicken and wild rice dinner at the Wray's fixed by daughter-in-law Rochelle. And juicy sweet watermelon. The long table was surrounded by Everetts, Sandy's parents visiting from CA, Shelly & Eric, Bethany (& Laban came later), Jesse & Rachel, and Rochelle. It was a conglomeration of fun conversations.

The Wray's playhouse-Cora &Chloe peeking out up top

Garden Gate Nursery

Cameron took Riley out behind the nursery to an RC plane grass strip runway. There were 4 men and about 8 planes out for a fly on a hot spring day.

this one missed the runway and landed too quick on uneven ground-
broke the propeller & right running gear

Riley slept under the stars outside on the basement patio with Cameron and Chris.

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