Monday, May 20, 2013

Oregon to Idaho

Wednesday, May 1st I got out of bed to company walking in the camper door. Jenny Dashiell McGlothan and her 2 daughters stopped by before work and school. We chatted for 45 minutes having a grand ole reunion, having not been in touch for over 15 years. We had to sit at the kitchen table because sleeping children occupied the couch and floor, though they were all up and all ears before the gals departed!

Kaylyn, Kyrah, Jenny

After school, we dumped tanks, then drove to Caldwell, Idaho, stopping to eat lunch at a rest area along the way. We made it over the notorious cabbage hill without a hitch. The snow capped blue mountains were beautiful looming in the distance. It took us 5 1/2 hours to get to Joe and Denise's. We were puzzled at the GPS arrival time and how close we looked to arriving by the atlas...finally realizing we crossed a time zone change, back to mountain time! (So we lost an hour, oops!) Still made it in time to settle in, then follow Joe's to Mylan & Laurie Wolf's for a delicious supper. (Dill Chicken Rice - one of my favorites that I have never fixed, but enjoy eating elsewhere.) After supper we all gathered in the living room for a time of singing, scripture reading, and sharing. We enjoyed learning to know Gary Miller's family and Barry Austins, who were there as well. A full house, but no pictures to show! It was a nice beginning to our almost week stay in the area.

On Thursday Riley got his RC car back together and running. Annie & Donna made casseroles for supper and the freezer. Denise rested with new baby Wade. I caught up on laundry. Shannon painted the facia on Joe's new porch roof and mowed a bit. Caroline, Cora, and Elisa played house and school....

super swing, super fun, super spills

learning to scoot across the floor

tator tot casserole

Denise dishing out into containers

5 casseroles for the freezer plus one 9x13 for us to eat

shredding potatoes for casseroles & potato salad & fried taters

painting & chatting

relaxing listeners- Riley & Barry and Samara the dog

fun ride!

yummy chow
Doing life with the Hess's!

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