Friday, May 10, 2013

Carl G. Washburne State Park

April 24 and 25

windy windy
At the Oregon Visitor Center, we had a brochure for a family friendly state park, but when we arrived it was a 2 mile walk across dunes to the ocean. Caroline, especially, wanted to play in water so we drove on to the closest beachside camping at Carl G. Washburne Park, arriving close to 6pm. We quickly packed a supper and hit the beach! Unfortunately it was much windier here than at Brookings and we retreated to a secluded spot out of the wind. The sand was stinging against our legs as we walked and it was a bit chilly. 

After munching our snack supper we took a short drive south to a lookout by Haceta Head Lighthouse, then retired to the warmth of the RV, showered, and sipped hot chocolate.

The next morning we walked the beach trail, first through forest, beside a creek, under 101, and came out on the northern part of the beach. There were many many sand dollars and crab pincers all broken or crushed. It was windy again, but warmer. We moved on after lunch to see more of the Oregon Coast.

our campsite beside the beach trail

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