Thursday, May 9, 2013

Port Orford

The night before, we stayed at a pull-off beside the ocean and did school the next morning to the sound of surf (and highway). We continued north on 101 to Port Orford. We stopped at Battle Rock Park, where Indians and explorers once fought, but the visitor center was closed because of recent vandalism. 

view of Port Orford Harbor

Then we checked out an interpretive wetlands boardwalk. Nothing much there except for masses of stinky skunk cabbage! A local lady walking her dog recommended a trail to a whale watchout, so we tried that next. The Headlands is an old Coast Guard Lookout. We hiked to the spot of the old watch tower and around along the water. This was the very end of whale migrating season, and we weren't sure what to look for. The view was pretty anyway! Then we went in the interesting Lifeboat Station Museum. The lifeboat served the southern Oregon coast from 1934-1970. Neat little treasures, old photos, and fascinating videos were inside. The children could steer a ship's wheel, ring a bell, and try Morse code. A real gem of a place!

historic lifeboat
where are the whales?

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