Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Homeless in Eureka, CA...by Annie

When we woke up Saturday morning sitting in a Big K-Mart parking lot, there was this white car just sitting there. Finally after a long time, 3 men, a woman, and 2 dogs got out to stretch their legs and for the dogs to get some fresh air. After a while the lady went inside the K-Mart and 1 of the men went and stood beside the road holding a gas can saying "Need Gas". After another really long time the car left and 1 of the men in the car had a cigarette he gave to the man standing beside the road with the sign. The man took a few whiffs and the car left. While the car was gone 2 men came by with a dog and luggage on their backs. The 1 man gave the man holding the sign 2 small things. 1 of the small things was blue. The man with the gas can took them and then gave them back to the man. Then the guy with the gas can looked to see if anyone was watching then licked something the other man had given him. Then the guy who had luggage on his back left with the other man that had stuff on his back also. After a while the man standing beside the road with the sign on the gas can lit something underneath his shirt. We think it was a homemade cigarette. A few people coming into K-Mart gave him money, then the car he was in came back. 1 guy gave him some gas after the white car had come back. There was a different lady in the car and she went into Big K-Mart twice.The people looked kind of grungy and dirty. Then we left. That was the last of them that we saw. It was really interesting entertainment. 

At Eureka, CA we went to Rescue Mission Thrift Store. There were so many different kinds of people and smells, most of them looked really poor. We got a few things for Daddy & Mommy and then left. It is very interesting what a day RVing may hold!!

one of our first views of the Pacific

rest area beside a coastal redwood forest

rainforest in CA

fun hike; like a whole new world in the trees

rest area view on the opposite side of 101

high above beach

The Pacific Ocean was so fun to watch and drive by. We stayed at a Casino in Trinidad and took a hike beside the road to see the water. When we got back we had strawberries and Nutella, a chocolate thick yummy treat!!

enjoying more gifts from friends

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  1. We want to go rving with you all! How exciting this it! May our Father continue to guide and keep you safe!