Friday, May 3, 2013


Ocean Cakes for breakfast

Gina and I went to Old Thyme Bakery in Turlock to meet Angi Robbins Miller over her lunch break. I ordered Angi's recommendation, Autumn Special: turkey & ham, cream cheese & cheddar, with cranberry sauce. It was delicious!

Tuesday afternoon Paula and her kiddos came over to see us at Gina's for a short visit. I have lots of memories and many pictures with Paula during our teenage years. It was nice to see her for a little bit. Now my children have a better idea of who I mean when I talk about the days of California Camp!

Paula, Cali, & Brandt  *   Heather, Caroline, Annie, & Meg
Riley was biking in the back orchard and Cora was napping

We enjoyed supper at Aaron & Mary Brunks with Jeff & Ann Bowman. And families! On the way out the door Mary loadeth us with benefits of homemade sourdough bread, homecanned peach jam, Blue Diamond almonds, and a bag stuffed with Sweettarts. Hearts and bounty overflowing!

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