Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thom and Melodie's

Monday evening we were warmly welcomed to Boardman by Thom and Melodie Barton. We parked our rig near their's at the Marina Park. Thom was finishing up his windmill repair work at Arlington this week, so we were so glad we caught them before they headed back to Pratt. They treated us to yummy fish and burgers at the River Lodge & Grill restaurant. Then we visited back at their roomy camper; we never run out of conversation with these friendly folks!

my pan seared trout

Tuesday we did a little school and a little chatting. They showed us some beaver gnawed trees on the paved walk by the river. The younger children played on the swings. We enjoyed a deliciously rich picnic lunch prepared by Melodie. Chocolate chip fudge brownies...and they sent the leftovers with us. 

So do you eat coleslaw on your hamburgers? Or your hot dogs? Or just as a side? (One of our deep discussion topics) It seems even southern culture differs from North Carolina to Virginia and especially Ohio! AH, the variety of life!

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