Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Days in Southern Idaho

Monday morning I rode with Denise to Boise Airport to drop off Barry & Donna for their return flight to Roanoke. Shannon kept all the children except baby Wade, so Denise & I had a nice quiet catch up on the way home. We had lunch plans at Andy & Suzanne's and so enjoyed a couple hours of enriching conversation there as well. 

window marker fun

sunny smiles

almost a grin

Raymond Martin came over for supper, then he and Joe worked on his truck radiator while our family stopped by Anthony & Priscilla's. We stayed for evening devotions and they sent a gallon of fresh raw milk back with us. The first real milk we've had in 2 1/2 months!

Tuesday morning we cleaned. Clothes, van, motor home, bodies. Right after lunch we said our goodbyes!

Wade (6 wks) & Meg (9 mos)

early morning

men's coffee visit

Joe, Denise, Ethan, Elisa, Wade

Hess home (the hose connects to our rv)

Bowman Hess bunch  *   3rd cousins

beaming 'new' mother

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