Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pendleton Woolen Mill

Wednesday May 8 we took a tour of the Pendleton Blanket Mill. First we walked through the retail store, then went into the loud manufacturing area. We each had a headset to hear the guide's explanations over the roar of the machines. The colors of the wool were so vivid, I just enjoyed snapping photos and didn't listen too well to the history. We went upstairs first to see the wool being cleaned. Downstairs the automated looms were rolling out a blanket every 25 minutes. The newer machines could complete a blanket in only 12 minutes! The side scraps are saved for braiding rugs. There was a well lit space that a worker would hand sew any flaws in the finished product...looked very tedious to me! I'd never heard of Pendleton Wool, but it is evidently a quality product! We enjoyed the small taste of learning the process,  and in the town of Pendleton to boot!

Can you tell how tight my hand is clenching to Cora the Courageous?

watching the wool cleaner get out impurities

our friendly guide

Before leaving Pendleton we stopped at Cash & Carry to check this store out. We came out with cheese, apples, carrots, lettuce, and the steak rub that Shannon liked so well at Jenny's. Plus 2 cookies the check-out man threw in for the girls. Then we headed toward Pasco! Stopped and ate lunch at the small community park in Stanfield, OR and stopped again at Goodwill & Walmart in Kennewick, WA.

We set up the motor home at Everett Wray's and spent the evening at Kenneth & Teresa's. They had his sister Miriam and her family over for supper as well. We had a nice visit catching up with the Brubakers since their brief move to Pratt about a year ago. And a delicious meal, of course!

fellowship around the meal table

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