Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Colorado Summer Trip ~ Day 3

Over the pass to find Little Baldy.
We studied the maps and had a hazy idea of the way we took 7 years ago...
...and we made it! To the top!
Certainly not the trail straight up we used years ago.
And certainly not the quickest route.
But we explored some new-to-us terrain, and gave Granny a chance to drive all morning.

Along the way we snagged our fishing lines and spent some time untangling.

We found some more beautiful wild roses.

And a forest field of lavender loveliness growing beneath the tall tall Pines and Aspens.

Ahhh, here we are exploring the tip-top and morning's destination. Eating another picnic in the clouds.

I think they're enjoying life, don't you?

Next stop, Wanita Hot Springs Reservoir. (That's what we called it anyway.)

We used our repaired lines to fish, but only caught a lot of nibbles and 1 trout. (Plus a funny photo expression!)

Oh, and many more flowers! 
Bouquets for Mamaw. Bouquets for the Ranger. Bouquets for the cabin.
(Yep, Colorado 4-wheeling has a different flair with 6 ladies along.)

What was intended to be a short day, lasted all day. 
However, we still managed to enjoy the grilled chicken supper, creek fishing, father/son jaunt to Tarpaper Shack, replenishing firewood, a warm woodstove fire, hummingbird entertainment, and s'mores with service.

Vacation is good.
God is Great!

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