Saturday, July 25, 2015

Colorado Summer Trip ~ Days 1 & 2

The Arkansas River drive from Canon City to Salida  proved for beautiful mountain sights of white water rafting and trains, etc.

The little girls barely took a nap during the 10 hour drive, so once we arrived at the cabin in White Pine, they complained that they were sick, then promptly fell asleep before supper was ready.

It was chilly in the Rockies for us prairie folks that had driven away from 100 degree weather. Hence the blanket and winter hat.

The first morning, some slept in, and some took a walk. We found a crudely built shack with a couple of swings, and enjoyed the woods opening up to a creek in the valley.

On the trail!
The 4-wheeler navigated over the rocks much more smoothly than the 4-seater ranger. 
Bumpety-bump, roll, sway. 

Just above tree-line it started to rain, so we all tucked in under the tarp to wait it out.
Thankfully it didn't last long!

Then we took a photo op. 
Grandparents' 1st time on the trail, 2nd time in Colorado.
Our family's 2nd time on this trail, 5th time in Colorado.

Around the bend, coming down from the top of Tomichi Pass were a couple of patches of snow that some of us hiked up to. Daddy tried to throw a snowball way down to those resting in the ranger. Little girls followed suit.

Mmmm. Snowballs in July!

Our picnic lunch on Alpine Tunnel trail was interrupted by rain and sleet balls, so we all cozied up in the ranger again to finish eating. This time it did not let up, so we drove into Pitkin wet and cold hanging onto the tarp in the biting wind. 


We sipped coffee and hot chocolate at the gas station until the sky cleared and headed on to the cabin.

Apparently it hadn't rained at the cabin. 
We busied ourselves with building fires inside the wood stove and outside in the fire ring, sipping more hot drinks, and playing outside in the crisp mountain air.

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  1. that was fun remembering the FUN trip! Looking for a good family pic! xo M&D