Wednesday, August 19, 2015

July Garden

Many things growing in the July garden...

Filling in bare spots and plants growing up over one another.

Plenty of greens to harvest: Kale, Red Beets, Swiss Chard, Turnips. 
(Though not the family's favorite side dish!)

Banana Peppers are the first of the peppers to start producing. The Bells have little babies on them, but the mini sweets are only growing plants, not fruits. Perhaps because I saved seed from grocery store peppers?!

The garden view from our back patio. 
Someday that hodgepodge building will be improved. It disgraces the garden photos every time!

One morning's harvest.

The okra plants are thriving in the heat, all 3 rows tangled together in a prickly mass. The picking is a bit sticky, but I'm so glad they are producing. Okra is my hubs favorite garden veggie. He could skip the greens.every.time.

The pea gate trellis has been overtaken with cucumber plants, hurray!

Basil is growing well in the shade of mammoth indeterminate heirloom tomato plants.

The calendula is blooming that was brought all the way from Ohio in July and transplanted for medicinal purposes.

Another day's picking.

Produce harvested in July: 77 pounds
Green Beans, cucumbers, onions, and turnips being the heavy weights.

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