Friday, August 21, 2015

End of Summer Ohio Visit with Family

Cora went to her first Vacation  Bible School with Ohio cousins.One night the lesson was about forgiving. Each child received a baggie with marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate with the saying, "Forgive...and then forgive s'more." She also made paper lanterns, and cardboard sunshines.  On the last night, the church hosted a cook-out picnic for the children's families with activities that included bubbles, duck duck goose, 9 square, and roasting s'mores. 

At Mamaw's Cora had fun making Lite-Brite pictures.

Meg had fun picking flowers.

I had fun doing a tidy-up project.

We all had fun eating summery meals together and walking to the local park.

The rest of the family came out for a weekend of slumber party with Daddy's cousins, hair styling, and pond fun.

Finally we met my brother's family for a park supper in southern Ohio. The evening went by quickly chasing the resident geese, exploring the huge tent playground, riding ripsticks & scooters, shooting hoops, and playing sand volleyball.

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