Sunday, September 13, 2015

End of Summer Virginia Visit with Family

The cousins did a chalk pastel art lesson together. They also took bubble baths and had slumber parties, went to singing class, rode four-wheelers, went shopping with Grandma, watched Auntie's movies and stayed up too late, tore down the old fort, and went to work on the dairy farm.

Our family spent an evening with friends we hadn't seen in several years. We got a house tour of their recent IKEA installations for homeschool organization and had a good general catch-up chat that lasted late into the night.

We swam and some camped at a nearby pond. 

The first day moms,  friends, and seventeen children splashed and relaxed.

The second day the dads and granddad came too as we celebrated August birthdays. (Can't believe I missed a picture of the cakes!)

We cut up bushels of fresh peaches for the freezer. And brought home a boxful too.

The grand Ben and Betty Bowman Reunion that instigated this far summer travel in the middle of garden harvest was near the end of our stay. Over 600 relatives showed up for the event at a Franklin County park. B & B had nine children many a year ago, and the the multiplication of family genes continues on.

The children rode this tractor pulled train all afternoon while the older ones played ball, and the oldest ones chatted and smiled, sharing memories into the microphone as grilled chicken, sweet tea, watermelon, ice cream, and popcorn abounded.

The last day ended with a bang touring Thomas Jefferson's home at Monticello. We took it all in and enjoyed learning together...architecture, inventions, science, botany, history.

Of course, my favorite part was the garden and grounds tour. And generally wandering through the 2 acre impeccably organized massive garden, gazing on the mountains beyond this "Little Mountain".

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