Thursday, December 24, 2015

Children Recognition

"Family Night" was the grand finale of a local homeschool 12, once-a-week, cooperative classes.

Annie's three classes this year were Social Studies, Art, and Science. The students wore one of their projects to family night: t-shirt screening, and displayed a science experiment. Annie made peanut butter cookies four different ways, omitting an ingredient each time. She had cookie crumbles to examine and sample of each recipe...they mostly turned out pretty good, even without soda, salt, etc.!

My other three "students" took to the stage.

Two of Riley's classes were Drama Skills and Choir. He took part in a few skits and performed in the two high school choral songs.

Sweet Caroline desired to perform on the violin. She chose "Beautiful Skies" as her playing piece.

Though we have some video clips of Miss Cora, I neglected to capture a photo of her debut this evening. Her music class sang "Silver and Gold Have I None" and "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho" in which she blew the shofar, heartily, twice. 

Also, in November, our family attended our first 4-H Awards Banquet. The three old enough to participate went on stage to receive their membership pins.

Riley's only project, Poultry, was cancelled for fair showing due to the avian bird flu circulating in these parts. 

Annie participated in Citizenship, Leadership, and Foods & Nutrition this year. She baked cookies, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, and french bread for county fair judging. Her bread received a top blue ribbon! 

Caroline was involved in Performing Arts and Foods & Nutrition. She entered molasses crinkles, banana-blueberry muffins, and a fruit snack plate. She received blues on her muffins and fruit display.

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  1. Riley, you are showing some of your talents besides trapping! Annie, wish we could help eat your cookies! Nice art on your posterboards. Sweet Caroline, We didnt "hear" a single squeak! Cora, missed you. Will wait to see video. Sure it is cute. Miss Meg, your time is coming. Enjoy today! xoPapaw&Mamaw