Wednesday, December 16, 2015

School Pictures 2015

We took some photos for the school year. The girls were a little more excited about it than the boy. Some of the days were windy, so we stepped into shady spots sheltered from the hair-mussing breeze. Naturally, those shots didn't turn out as nice as the sunshiny pictures! 

Years ago I took my little brother's senior pictures. I enjoyed moving around our yard arranging him this way and that, avoiding shadows and trying to get him to really smile!

Years before that, I recall my dad posing us children in front of his South Carolina flag hanging in the den, getting the lighting just right for his photography skills. And us grinning in front of Mom's pear kitchen curtained door. And smiling near a Rocky Mountain sparkling waterfall.

Now our son is editing his own phone snapshots and sharing pieces on social media...without himself as the object, of course.

Life circles. With personality, heredity, and environment mixed all up together. And continues to go around.

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  1. Children's children are the crown of old age! They are nourished and growing like your garden! Like olive plants around your table. Love, Mom&Dad