Friday, June 10, 2016

Gardening in April

Here are some photos of cool season plants that are stretching up and adding green to our backyard dirt space.

This lettuce clump overwintered and is growing nicely for some early season salad crunch.



Spreading strawberries.

Sugar snap peas.

Tomato and lettuce and basil starts inside. 
Annie planted some giant zinnias and marigolds inside as well.

Baby lettuce and the big "survival" lettuce, plus my transplanted indoor starts 
(see that tiny pack of red and green mixed leaves)?

 The cilantro rapidly shot up.

 Turnips galore.

 Blooming strawberries!

 Taller peas.

 Raspberry sprouts or shoots.

April's yield: 1 pound of assorted produce including
cilantro, turnip greens, chard, lettuce, parsley, and chives.
7 1/2 hours of logged time spent in the garden.
Weed, plant, water, weed, pick...

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