Saturday, June 4, 2016

Soup, Casseroles, & Snacks (New Recipes of the Week~15)

These are new foods we ate in December and January and I honestly do not know what recipes they are.

Yes, lacking on my record-keeping skills! I quit writing down our daily menu on the calendar and am now making a list of dishes for the week on scrap paper, choosing day by day, instead of planning specific days. I always erased and rearranged that old way, however it was good for reference!

I'm pretty sure we liked these enchilada-looking burritos. We rarely have a complaint about Mexican meals. Chili powder, garlic powder, and cumin are the seasonings I replenish in my pantry the most! plus cinnamon. We have come to prefer freshly made wraps to the soggy, casserole, baked kinds. Texture issues.

I like to mix assorted bagged salties then put them in ice cream buckets to take along. This mix was for an overnight basketball tournament...lunches or snacks or traveling nibbles.
Popcorn, spicy cheetos, corn chips, pretzels, and bugles. Oh my!

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