Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Beach!!!! *big deal because it's 22 hours away from home*

We usually go to Folly Beach on our Charleston visits because that's where I went every summer with family during our summer vacation. This year we decided to cruise downtown awhile before hitting the beach, so we opted for Sullivan's Island.

We parked at the beach trail at the southernmost point and took a short hike through marshy woods before seeing dunes and hearing water. This part of the beach was mostly deserted, so we settled in our spot and let the littles play. While the bigs snacked.

Aunt Sybil was thoughtful enough to send buckets and shovels for fun fort building. Riley found a huge, dead horseshoe crab and slyly set it next to our beach seating to see who would discover it's gigantic scariness. (No large reaction, but sincere curiosity!)

We took naps. We took a walk north to the working lighthouse. There were many more people on this part of the beach; we felt pretty spoiled for our privacy on down the coastline. There were also lots of boats -recreation and barges- passing by on there way in & out of the harbor.

Though it was still May, the sun was toasty, the breeze was cooling, the water was warm, 
and we soaked up the beach!

Historic Fort Sumter is in the background with it's flag flying in the top right of this photo.

Farewell for now sweet Grandmama! 
We love your land, your people, your smile...and we love you!

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