Saturday, March 18, 2017

Garden City, South Carolina/ Family Beachhouse Vacation

All 18 of us in front of the 5 bedroom, 4 bath beachhouse rental

After Thanksgiving in Charleston, our little family drove up the coast just south of Myrtle Beach to meet our bigger family for a few days of memory-making times. The beach was a short walk across the street and we visited each and every day whether it was pleasant outside or not! Over the weekend, the sand was covered with relaxing persons and pets, but the rest of the week we had the beach strip to ourselves.

Shannon helped out on our breakfast meal by making a slew of pancakes to go with sausage grits casserole and fruit. My morning sickness tends to get better when I'm away from home, but I was still tired with an unsettled stomach, so kitchen duty is not my favorite. It was very nice to just have a couple meals to think about, then relax and enjoy the rest!

overflow seating
backyard view
Aunt Britney treated us out one evening. We drove around a bit in search of seafood, but those restaurants were all "closed for the season", so we agreed on Chinese, which did present some fish, shrimp, and crab on the buffet, and we all ate dishes to our liking...including cheese pizza and French fries for Brit. 

Since we wouldn't be together for Christmas, Grandma incorporated gifts in this week of fun times. The littles were so anxious to open the pretty packages stashed in the corner and the girls had their private gift exchanges and girly talky times. The ladies went shopping one day, while the men rode go-carts and flea-marketed. Another day Grandpa escorted the bigs to the outlet mall.

mostly matching pajamas from Grandma
The wind picked up. So did the waves. We enjoyed the body boards and other sand & water gear furnished at the house rental. We also enjoyed a walk down to the pier watching surfers of all ages test the waves.

Ahhh, the sweetness of sun, sand, and surf!

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