Saturday, April 15, 2017

Alaska Friends Visit and a Barn Raising

We hosted visitors for 10 days in the beginning of February. I snapped a few pics of our everyday living together, but mostly we just enjoyed each other's company and forgot about documenting much. The weekday mornings were pretty quiet with schoolwork busyness. The afternoons of nice weather drew the kiddos out to explore the neighbor's landfill/ treasure pile turned fort, the pond's wildlife, and the trampoline. We also stopped in at the local Wildlife & Parks museum and aquarium for some Kansas nature education.

The farmer and the dell...hi ho the dairy-o...
photo books of old adventures
art time: painting feathers or trees.
face painted animals

Then came the "barn raising". There was some prep-work to do first, such as planting posts and building rafters. On Saturday some friends came to frame it up and put on the roof. It was all wrapped up by early afternoon.

making cinnamon rolls for the masses

break time
lunch time

A few weeks later...the finished product.
Last, but not least...Date Night!

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