Saturday, April 22, 2017

8 Winter Activities

Here are a few pictures of what we did this winter and early spring that I managed to catch on camera. I have not been taking photos much, which is nice for computer storage and less time spent editing, but I always enjoy looking back at the everyday memories that slip so quickly away.

1. Decorating bags to fill with goodies for the elderly in a small community.

2. A violin concert.

 3. Ice skating on our frozen pond. It was only cold enough once this winter for this to happen and sadly for the children we just had a skiff of snow once as well.

4. Acrylic painting and sewing projects from a library book.

5. Basketball. It's a long season beginning in October - March, playing over 20 games and driving up to 3 hours away. I would not consider us a sports family, but the littles dearly love the social time and Annie & I enjoy running concessions when necessary.

There are some really fun games to watch like dads against boys too...

6. A pretend drink store using old bottles found in a nearby trash heap.

7. More violin showcases. This was a less-formal Irish/bluegrass mix on St Patrick's Day. Caroline soloed Amazing Grace in song and instrument.

8. Sister tea parties inside and out. Basically their afternoon snack all girlified, sometimes in dress-up attire, sometimes with stuffed animal guests.

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