Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Creative Moments

While Shannon and Riley dream up building, renovating, and growing projects, the gals in the family express themselves with different entertainments.

Caroline only had one dime in her coin purse when we garage-saled one morning. To her delight she found a bead kit for $.10! It has occupied her and the littler girl for many hours so far!

I sewed up a small pillow and case for a baby shower gift.

Caroline embroidered and sewed a mini pillow for her cousin.

Annie spent some time making cards for her 18 pen pals.

Dress up at someone else's house is always a delight! Especially if you sing and dance too! "Who do you think you are? Some kind of superstar?..."

Annie surprised her mama with a cookies and helpful coupons.

Another baby gift to write, draw, and color. This time on a full-size pillowcase so big brother or sister can use it 1st!

Creative expressions in Daddy's shades.

Tea party lunch on the floor because Daddy was invited out as a perk for a morning service call.

Cora painting outside on the new patio.

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