Saturday, June 21, 2014

Goose House and Geese

Riley renovated an old dog house into a home for his geese. He ordered them and they were shipped to the post office arriving at 2 days old. 

Back in feather business!

First he stripped it to the frame and modified that.

Grandpa helped put up wire floor and wall and tin door. 

young goslings, less than a week old

Daddy helped roof and side it.

Finally moved to the brome pasture beside the chicken house... be chased by Cora Ellen. 

Riley's intent was to have the geese eat the weeds in his sweet corn patch he is growing for Farmer's Market. Unfortunately they grew quicker than the corn and when eventually fenced in the patch, their palates were accustomed to grass, not weeds, and they just messed up the corn! 

Chalk one up for another lesson learned.

Such entertainment! What a project!

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