Monday, September 8, 2014

Last weeks of August

We pulled all of the carrots in our garden; nearly 20 pounds.

For school, Caroline made little imitation boats of the Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria floating across the Atlantic Ocean bathtub water from Spain to America.

We put the canoes in at the river entrance instead of the boat ramp and paddled down the Ninnescah one evening.

Sooo tired after a big day of fun! Cleaned up & sacked out on the floor.

We picked apples and made applesauce. It has been several years since we've had enough apples to make sauce. We have an extra refrigerator in the garage, so we keep a bushel in there all winter long for fresh snacking. And they surely do get snacked...once, twice, three times a day!


We also dehydrated many batches of apples too. I have to keep these out of sight or they will vanish! They are handy to grab for a last minute snack on the road or when packing lunches. 

More apples for a friends' celebration of Shannon's birthday. Apple Crisp Pizza.

 Biscuits & Sausage Gravy supper for our family celebration of Shannon's 38th birthday.

peanut butter sheetcake for Daddy

Annie made fried won tons with some wrappers that had been in the freezer awhile.

 We had a few giant almost colorless cucumbers that made several pints of dill pickles.

Also...Annie went to an End of  Summer party and baked for Farmers Market again. Riley attended a basketball day camp and had a friend over for the night. Our first homeschool co-op Friday class started up for a new school year. We played softball and ate homemade ice cream at Lemon park on a Sunday evening.

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