Saturday, August 30, 2014

More Tinker General

We are enjoying some fun outdoor toys this late spring and summer. Test driving -and maybe a bit more- is such a treat! Shannon likes the small short jobs and the children like small and big vehicles to ride or drive!

 Baja scooter

Honda Shadow. (I was even persuaded to ride on this one!)

golf cart (We bought it when customer decided not to spend money to fix it. yay!?)

old WD Allis Chalmers 

electric scooter

This kids four-wheeler was quite powerful. Cora especially liked to ride it around the circle drive. She actually got carried away one time when we were all smiling and watching her. She stood up, lost control, and smacked into the house. Oh, the change of expressions was so comical! She was not hurt, though it bent the bike a little.

Shannon had a cement floor poured so he can move his shop into the bigger shed on our property. He traded some mechanic work for part of the job and we've had some various concrete apparatuses lying around.

power trowel

And another pint-size four-wheeler. 

Standing up again! This time on a straight run. Phew, no mishaps!

Such fun! Little joys! Life is good!

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