Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The First full Week In August (A Week In Review #4)

Our week started out with a lovely dinner invitation after church service Sunday morning August 3. Later in the day we delivered some food to young friends that had a new baby and older friends who are having health challenges.We had nice catch-up visits with each in the homes we were in.

The children spent some together time reading new library books. Caroline likes the Boxcar Children series, Annie has been reading some American Girl mysteries and Marguerite Henry titles. Riley doesn't check any out, he just picks one up at home and starts in. Here they're munching popcorn as they relax.

We made our first fresh salsa of the year! Just enough to eat on. Our hot peppers aren't quite ready so we used some canned jalapenos. Caroline mostly made it herself, stirring in great pieces of fresh parsley...too much effort to chop finely, you know. The rest of the ingredients she whizzed in the blender. Quick and easy!

We also used some garden tomatoes in broiled Southwest Sandwiches. Mmmm.

Caroline fashioned some swinging tree houses for her and the little girls. They love to relax hanging and swaying!

More tomatoes eaten; in basil pesto pasta this time.

A lovely birthday lunch at Lemon park with a thoughtful friend! She sent me home with a very delicious chocolate chip angel food cake and blackberry jam as well! The details are so delightful!

We have many striped caterpillars on the parsley, dill, and carrot tops in the garden. A few were jarred to watch the metamorphosis process. Meg loves "wooms", whether we're catching them to observe or picking them off leaves to squish. She spots them, but won't touch!

And last but certainly not least, we went canoeing twice up the Ninnescah River with our newly purchased canoe and other borrowed canoe and kayak. Such fun for everyone!

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