Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A July Week In Review

Our computer charger quit working just as I was ready to post this. Then time moved on as we waited for the mail to bring a new one. So this is not last week, but the week previous. (Because when you put so much time into something you don't want to needlessly throw it out!)

Our family experienced a few firsts this week. We sent our sweet Annie off for 6 days to Kansas Bible Camp, about an hour from us. She was invited to go along with a friend and was very excited!

We had lots of hot days last week, so the girls spent time outside in the pool until it mysteriously ripped in the center and is, alas, finished. They tremendously enjoyed warming up on the new trampoline then cooling off in the water. I usually stay in the quiet comfortable house while they're having their fun, but did manage to snap a couple shots of them splashing before the water leaked out!

We ate our first tomato basil tart of the summer. My dad gifted me with a vegetarian cookbook years ago-before I was married- and this is one recipe from it that is simply delish!

before being baked...the mozzarella is beneath garden tomatoes
Tuesday night the local county fair accepted open class exhibits, so we all went and entered the veggies from our garden, Annie's sewing projects from the past year, Caroline's wildflower bouquet and needlepunch, and Cora's zinnia. Then we watched the timed horse events until we couldn't bear the heat any longer and cooled off with a Sonic half price shake.

Wednesday Meg turned 2! We are waiting to celebrate when Annie is home (and can make the birthday treat). I was busy preparing for a few days away...packing clothes and snacks, catching up laundry, and stocking the family fridge.

Thursday I carpooled with 2 ladies to Kansas City for a three day conference. We met my mom and her long-time friend from high school and all piled into one motel room. What a fun experience!

Upon arrival, our room for two nights.
(I should have taken a picture upon departure!)

lunch at Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet

my sweet "organization" at international conference 2014
 I arrived home at bedtime Saturday night and our family was reunited once again!

What did I miss this week? Ladies Bible study Wednesday afternoon. Supper and a tour Friday night of the camp Annie attended. Purchase of a new -to us- vehicle for our growing family. Another visit to the fair to pick up our exhibit entries and ribbons.

We all had a grand week!

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