Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Birthdays, School Starts, and Baby Coming (A Week In Review #3)

Tuesday morning I was blessed by my hubby preparing blueberry pancakes for my birthday breakfast!

The family asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, and I requested a quiet relaxing day where I didn't have to plan or fix meals and could just be lazy. For a couple of weeks my tummy has been unsettled  and I have been terribly unmotivated because we are expecting a baby!

That's why we haven't invited company over lately.
That's why we've been looking at 8 or 9 passenger vehicles on craigslist.
That's why we've been eating frozen pizzas and hotdogs regularly. Bleck!
That's why I've finished reading several books and caught up on magazine mail AND it was quite inconvenient to run out of data and have no computer for a week!
That's why the garden has been getting minimal maintenance. The squash bugs appeared, ooh.
That's why the children are very excited!
That's why it's so fun to browse the baby section looking for new baby gifts to replenish the gift tote.
That's why I can see just how big Miss Meg really is!

Tuesday supper was a combination celebration for both of us. We ate crockpot strawhats and the birthday cake was a giant cookie Annie baked.

Meg is 2!

so surprised the candles blew out!

birthday gals

Meg's gift from Caroline

my thoughtful notes, cards, and gifts
Wednesday we started school. Usually we wait until the end of August or even beginning of September, but I suddenly realized we should get as much done as we can before our March baby arrives! Annie outgrew her desk and is sitting at a table, so now Cora has her own desk and is diligently doing her workbook with zest!

Caroline made some furry lambs one afternoon while I was napping with the little girls.

Riley engaged in this classic. Thursday he had basketball open gym and the rest of us visited the library.

Saturday I took Annie to farmer's market again. There were at least 10 other vendors there this time. She slowly sold 3/4 of her baked goods and even a couple snap purses. She was delighted to pocket over $50 and is planning on taking cinnamon rolls (that were requested) next time.

one side of the market sellers
 That is how the Bowmans spent the last week in July!