Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Relatives Came

September 1-5 Shannon's sister and family came to Kansas. It had been 5 years since their last visit!

They came bearing birthday gifts!

Meg revealing a little doll stroller

Riley's funny singing chicken card was a hit
The men and boys spent most of the days replacing the door on the small shed, building a door for Shannon's shop on the big shed, and general outside work. 

They also went canoeing one afternoon with all the kiddos.

The older girls prepared a 3 course "mystery lunch" for everyone using leftover pizza, hot chicken sandwiches, carrots & celery, turnips, tomato slices, cucumbers & onions, apple slices, and peanut butter bars. 

filling our 1st course menu orders

the boys first plateful

Annie learned a new hairstyle from Kate.

Ginny and Caroline (with Mom's help) designed and sewed this knit dress for Meg out of hand -me-down t-shirts. Kate and Annie made a tiny orange skirt.

The girls prepared dinner, fed the children, and fixed a fancy table to celebrate Jay & Gentry's Anniversary.

Then provided entertainment after the meal!

Meg stealing the show

such flair!
(the outfits were more impressive than the acting)

another mealtime

We enjoyed our last evening in the front  yard with glow sticks Grandma sent out.

best friends

matching cousins

Goodbye! Don't wait so long to come again!

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