Wednesday, April 29, 2015

10 more Spring Activities For Children

1. Tour A Greenhouse

We took a homeschool field trip to a company that has 7 acres of greenhouses. It was interesting to see the plants in various growing stages, watching the workers water, and even do assembly line work with machines. My children learned how the greenhouses were warmed and ventilated, how flowers are trimmed to bush out, and how big businesses grow plants for sale.                                       
                                                                2. Play with dolls

                                                                3. Have a Tea Party Lunch 

Spontaneity brings the best activities! These three girls raided the dress up box, set up their tea table in the middle of the kitchen, and ate their private prissy lunch. (Excuse the smear on the camera lens...oops!)

                                                                 4. Bathe in the Mud 

Rain is scarce in these parts, so when there is a puddle that lasts more than a day, it is time to play! 

                                                                 5. Create with Crafts 

I have a rubber tote that I toss scraps of ribbon, yarn, foam, corkboard, felt, shells, sequins, popsicle sticks, paper sacks, etc. in for crafting. The girls found some foam shapes and made little puppets and a show box.

                                                                 6. Bake with Mud

Here are lovely rows of freshly made bread and pies. If being covered head to toe in mud is not your desired play, try just dabbling in it with hands and feet. (The lens smear was discovered and wiped away.)

                                                                 7. Make Popsicles 

They selected from the pantry, home-canned jars of grape juice, peaches, and pears (from Grandma) then blended different flavored concoctions for popsicle molds which are sweet and cold on a warm spring day!
 8. Build Your Own Playhouse 

This light structure meets all their needs with clothes and a canteen of water next to a pouch of raisins hanging from a branch.

                                                                 9. Get a New Playhouse

Daddy brought this grain bin home for another purpose, but it will be used with great delight by girls who like to have their own pretend home.

                                                                10. Babysit Chicks

The meat birds are outgrowing their space and need fresh grass to scratch in. Big brother drug their pen with the tractor to nicer pasture while little sister watched over the flock.

10 Activities in April !


  1. Such fun! Love how much fun kids have just doing simple things and such a blessing to have a great outdoors space to play in and fun outdoor activities. Water and playhouses! Hard to beat! :)

  2. Yes, definitely fun to watch them use their imaginations in their space. Outside lends so many options to growing, learning minds!

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