Monday, April 13, 2015

Beautiful Blooms 2

Some lovely flowers appeared at our house this spring...inside and out!

Here are some fresh flowers delivered by caring friends.

And here is an amarylis that my mom gave to me 3 years ago. It bloomed and died back, but I saved it and even sent it to a plant babysitter while we were on our RV trip for 4 months. Now 2 years after that, it brought forth a burst of color again!

Just for fun, here is a photo of me and the first-time bloom of this huge bulb. (That is little M, under a year old - now 2 1/2!) See how much longer the stem grew second time around!

Not exactly a flower, but a bouquet of twigs from the flowering crabapple tree Riley pruned.

Outdoor blossoms opened in the yard. This is the little crabapple in the midst of our freshly manured garden. 

 A redbud out front.

Bradford Pear blossoms picked by the girls, stuffed in pockets, and arranged on the table.

Hop over here to see photos of last year's spring flower post.

God's beauty declared!

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