Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Trapping Riley

Right before we left on our Christmas trip I got permission to trap some prime property: over a mile of wooded creek bottom with pasture and farmland around a mile from the house. A couple weeks before season started I began baiting coons with fermented corn in a wooded corner of grassland approximately 1/3 of a mile northeast of our house. When season started I emptied the feeder and set 3 dogproof coon traps baiting them with corn.

I also made a coyote set across the road to the south in a pasture along with a coon set in the dry creek bottom running through the same pasture. During the first 2-3 weeks  I caught 7 coons and 2 coyotes at those 3 places.

After we got home from back east I began trapping solely on the new property around the middle of January. In the remaining 6 weeks of season I caught 1 bobcat, 3 coyotes, and 11 coons all on the half section with the creek running through it. The bobcat was caught at a hollow log cubby set.

2 coyotes were caught at dirt hole sets, 1 was snared,1 fell for a flat set, and another stumbled into a trail set. 

All but 1 of the coons were caught in dogproofs; the other wandered into a coyote flat set.

Overall I had a pretty good season except for having the golf cart engine die towards the end of season. Season total: 1 Bobcat, 5 Coyotes, and 18 Coons!

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