Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Girl's Bedroom

We had a funny little schoolroom tucked in a corner. There was a funny little closet that held our books and games. The closet had round shelves all the way to the ceiling and turned like a giant "lazy susan". It sure was fun to spin, but sure not fun to pick up the items that slung off the shelves in the process.

This picture shows the room without that handy little closet (notice the unpainted wall waaay back?) after it was torn out, prepping for a small remodel project.

The studs in the this exposed wall were originally an outside house wall. Shannon enclosed a small inverted triangle of wasted outside space and knocked out the existing wall (very confusing ,I know! Just pop over sometime and we'll tell you all about it) to add a wee bit of footage to our minimum housing.

Here is that extra space, perfect for a bed and desk and adolescent privacy.

We wrapped up the painting and carpet while Annie was away for 2 weeks to surprise her on her homecoming. The closet was my favorite part to set up and organize.

Here she is peeking at the surprise!

I think she likes it!

After A decided on an exact teal color, we painted an accent wall to brighten the room.

Curtain material from Walmart and furniture from Ikea...viola! Another girl bedroom.
Because 4 girls in twin bunk beds in one room gets tight when the ladies grow up.

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