Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gardening in March

In early March, Shannon had to dig through part of the garden to wire the lamppost light.

He chopped into some horseradish root that was growing near the base of the pole. I replanted some, but kept a few roots to shred and try. Chewing a raw sliver cleared my sinuses rapidly!

Tulips and other mysterious bulbs are poking through the soil in front of the porch. I mulched with compost from our pile.A friend gave me three different colors of bulbs she and her husband had gotten last spring from Botanica: The Wichita Gardens. Fresh green brightening the landscape is a beautiful thing!

Another Seed Swap!
I skipped a year and waited a little later in the season, but a handful of ladies came over to chat all things garden. One shared her mother-in-law's tomato & rose fertilizer recipe, another shared her canned salsa recipe, others brought chive starts, vegetable & flower seeds, and decorative red tree prunings!

My girls helped make some garden-themed refreshments...

...and I was encouraged to get some seeds started indoors!

This picture is NOT out of order; we really had a lovely snowfall near the end of March. It showed up overnight and melted away by afternoon. Perfect for the Ohio cousins that were visiting to enjoy both extremes.

We took advantage of the older Ohio visitors to build a windbreak garden fence. Stop that sand from stinging my legs!

There wasn't much going on in our Kansas garden in March, but getting some preparatory jobs checked off the To Do List is a great feeling!

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