Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thunder Basketball ~ Part 2

Team 1: The dads (plus a few extras)
BOYS vs DADS Scrimmage
What a great way to end the season before tournament weekend.
Team 2: The boys

Shannon started while Riley sat the bench. But as the game wore on, they ended up playing together and guarding each other.

The final score: 49 to 50. BOYS win!
Riley made 4 points; his dad shot a two. 
(Well, he shot a lot more, but that's the one that went in!)
Good game ya'll!

End of year finale: ND2CHA (National Division 2 Christian Homeschoolers Association)
Six states were represented by 72 teams playing 108 games in three days.

Game 1

The majority of the Thunder players' families stayed at one motel where we gathered for a pizza party, pep rally, and games one evening. 
There were 17 families with ball-players this year.

Game 2

Game 3

I'm not even sure how the High School boys team placed...I think 4th.
The friendships and good memories are forefront in our minds!

Have you an arm like God? Or can you thunder with a voice like His? Job 40:9

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