Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Garden Grows

I started a few seeds indoors in early spring since I had a light to help the stems grow thick and straight. A friend gave me some of her spindly heirloom tomato starts so I added those to my collection of flowers, herbs, peppers, melons, and cukes.

This is one square foot section of green beans. There are a couple more and there are some regular rows too...wherever we had room to plant...a few scattered here and there! They're growing nicely along with the Celebrity tomatoes behind them.


The first basil I transplanted got uprooted by Miss Meg. The next seeds went into a planter and are growing bushy and tall shading out the other herb seedlings!

The snow pea plants took awhile to get established, then quickly yellowed. We are still picking a few, mostly getting nibbled by various passers-by. Altogether they've probably produced less than 3 pounds. 

The onions are a strange story. We planted more than ever this year, nice and early, but they have grown super slowly. Each of the five patches does get a variable water amount. It looks like the Wal-mart sets are doing better than the plants I ordered from Berlin Seeds. Hmmm.

The cabbage has went about the same as the onions: still hanging on, but not thriving. Our family likes raw cabbage and sauerkraut so well I hope we can harvest some cabbage crunchiness.

This is Caroline's garden. Her peas did quite a bit better than ours until the grasshoppers devoured them to the nubbins. (They were growing up the tomato cages.) She planted sweet corn around the perimeter to make it like a sheltered house, but it is tasseling and hasn't grown very tall. Her carrots, beets, and zinnias sprouted and died or didn't sprout at all, but she has a pumpkin, watermelon, and cantaloupe doing well.


The potato rows: some seed potatoes and some grocery store sprouted potatoes. They all came up except the reds from the store.

A side view of the potatoes. They have green beans beside and between them. The beans between have produced longer beans and the plants are a lot taller and better looking, though they were later in blooming. The grasshoppers and potato bugs are thick in this area, but so far most plants are still growing.

Lettuce finally took off after I bought fresh seed.

I tried French Breakfast radishes (they have the white tips) for the 1st time. They've grown well!

So there are photos of some of the garden plants in May and then June in our green 'flower' beds that are right outside our back door!

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