Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Father's Day Fun 2014

We opted to go to Cowboy Church Sunday morning of Father's Day. They served breakfast before the service, so Daddy was delighted to fill up on sausage gravy, biscuits, grapefruit juice, and coffee. Some of his favorites! How did they know?

There were even horses and ponies along for the children to ride afterwards.




We packed the van with a picnic lunch and gear for spending the afternoon at a small fishing lake.

We picnicked in the shade with friends/cousins and while we chatted shifted our chairs around throughout the day when the sun slowly found its way to us through the trees.

The children waded in the water, cooling off, looking for shells and rocks, and generally exploring (while getting muddy messy, though imaginative)!

Some of them totally immersed themselves and so were stripped down to dry off. Too cute to not snap some pictures of!

Never even thought of taking special snapshots of the special dads!
In fact we were so relaxed, we hardly got up to even grab the camera!

We came home with an empty cooler, piles of shells, no fish on a string, dirty feet & faces, and happy warm memories. 

Blessings to all you Papas!

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