Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mulberry Season 2014

Early this spring Riley trimmed our little ol' scraggly trees polka dotted around our house that Shannon wanted to cut down. Some of them are positioned in odd places, including this one Mulberry tree. However, this particular tree did turn out to have a nice uniform shape after pruning and then proceeded to load itself with juicy purple berries, most within easy reach! Our family is a family of foragers, so the tree gets visited often for a sneaking of a sweet snack, (even while sitting beneath on the idling lawnmower).

It has been such a prolific tree this year that we've gone out in the mornings and picked a gallon bucket full. For over a month they've continued to ripen but our amount has dwindled to a few cups per picking.

We even tried shaking them onto a tarp a few times to get the higher plumper ones, but they like to stay attached awfully well. Then we had a mess of leaves and debris to pick through before washing the berries.

Of course they leave a lovely stain on hands and fingers, feet and toes.


But they also leave us with yummy fruit to put in the freezer or enjoy fresh!

mulberry & strawberry jam

yogurt, mulberry, & granola parfaits (in a bowl)

mulberry cobbler

berry breakfast shortcake
mulberry banana smoothies
breakfast mulberry meusli

Thank you, God, for sunshine, for rain, and for the season that gives us berries, berries, and more berries!

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