Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Harvesting Hay

Our kind elderly neighbor let us use his hay equipment, so after Miller's Custom Baling swathed the brome grass, we let it dry a few days then Riley raked it. 

most of the 5 acres of hay

all done, ready for the baler
The girls fixed some herbal tea for us to enjoy on these sunshiny arid days. We have quite a stash of herbs that need used up, so they chose several varieties to sample.

sun tea in the making

peppermint, spearmint, red raspberry, & jasmine green tea
Peppermint and Red Raspberry Leaf are the children's favorites. We are so enjoying a full size fridge to keep multiple beverages cold! In the PPA, if we had milk we couldn't chill water, and we certainly never had tea!

Jack baling it up

Shannon's 'little tractor that could'

a full trailer load

headed from the field to the shed

Annie and Caroline took turns driving the tractor while the Shannon and Riley stacked the hay. A couple loads fit just right in the shed. Enough to get a taste for it and still be fun, but not tire of hard work! (Well, the little people anyway.) I didn't do much except take pictures, care for Meg and do laundry, meals, and other daily work. We haven't located our clothespins so I've been using 8 or so to hang out clothes in shifts or just drape over the line. Then multiple trips later to switch dry clothes out for wet and pick the unpinned off the ground, our laundry eventually gets done!

Annie's hay harvest supper
Hurray for a break from house remodel and food for future livestock + to spare!

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