Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park

We hit the road Saturday, June 15 by 6:30 am. More pronghorn. Views are opening up, small ridges in the distance instead of massive mountains. Traveling along Interstate 80 in Wyoming, this is big ranch country! Horses... Boer goats... sagebrush.

Turned southeast on 287 toward Fort Collins, CO. A big day of driving for us! 

rest area lunch just inside Colorado
Southwest Sandwiches on Bolillos

Curving up, along the Big Thompson River on 34 toward Estes Park, we pulled over to let 1,2,3,...11 cars get by. Later we paused again so 14 more could pass. We found a RV parking spot in Estes Park, unhitched the van and made it to Beaver Meadow Visitor Center 45 minutes before closing. Not too far into Rocky Mountain  National Park we saw 4 mature bull elk plus several more by the roadside. We had been in this park the year we moved to Kansas, nearly 10 years ago and the elk were impressive then as well. Never a disappointment to see such large racked animals in the wild!

We continued on to Trail Ridge Road and wound around through the mountains up above the treeline to Tundra Communities Trail. It was snowing great big flakes that melted as they hit the windshield. A natural looking fellow was doing a 'snow'dance of delight off on the side of the road. We chowed homemade trail mix, but didn't even hike the full path. Elevation 12,000 ft!

Our drive back out of the park into town led us by closer elk, right amidst homes and businesses.

Chick-fil-A for supper, thanks to Aunt Britney's gift card to us. A 1st time experience for our family. Then overnight in Denver at Sears.

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