Monday, July 8, 2013

On the Home Stretch

June 16 we spent the morning at IKEA in Denver getting ideas for our house project awaiting us in Pratt, KS. We came out with a couple ceiling lights and whimsy table decor, (plus an appreciation for handcrafted wood furniture). 

Back on the open road, we got into muchas wind at the Colorado/Kansas line. The fields were blowing tremendous dust across interstate 70. Soon it turned to thunder lightning raining. 

very limited visibility

blowing dirt
The promise after the storm...

double bow
 Another sunset on the after the rain...

We spent the night in Quinter, KS at Walt & Carolyn Emig's. He left for work in the wee hours of the morning so we missed him at the breakfast table Monday. 

Carolyn's yummy brunch

Shannon was able to buzz around some with ole Virginia buddy, Big Nate. Caroline & Cora delighted in the playhouse, pool, & basement games.

Anxious to get home, we left around noon and drove down our long lane around 3 pm. Home sweet home and back to work!!!


  1. Was so great to read about your trip! What great memories that will last a lifetime! I haven't commented much since its difficult on my phone but its been fun seeing pics and hearing the stories along the way! Blessings as you resettle! Kami

  2. Please don't stop posting! I wanna see pictures of your project! :) love ya'll.