Friday, July 12, 2013

Wheat Harvest

About a week after arriving back in Kansas, the surrounding wheat fields were ready to be cut. Kent Brubaker asked Shannon to help them, so our family loaded up the motor home and parked near Sawyer for about a week while Shannon was in the fields! It was super hot starting out; Matthew Flora & family let us stay in the cool of their basement to escape the heat. A fantastic diversion for the children...lots of different toys & games, and friends to play with! They also had a pool set up for many hours of refreshing fun!

Cora pleased with her train

Flora residence

shady RV parking

Aah, sleep is so much better where it's nice and cool!

The children had more fun riding go-carts & 4-wheelers to do the neighbors' chores, playing multiple games of basketball P-I-G, and finding nature's treasures.

trampoline turned balance beam for Caroline

One afternoon we swam at Trent Wray's pond with Amber Peters & boys.

Cora, Maison, Mogan

Meg's 1st summer swimming

We stopped by the harvest field at least once every day so each child could have a turn with Daddy. (Meg & me rode too!) He liked a Starbucks iced coffee in the afternoons for a tasty rejuvination. Long days + short nights = drowsiness in the sunshine.

It did cool off the last few days, so we enjoyed a Sunday evening campfire supper at Matthew & Deborah's.

(this is actually brunch: eggs, muffins, fruit cups, cereal)

sticky s'more

popcorn by the embers
And we spent a morning with Beth Sink enjoying her garden bounties: delicious stir fry, smoothies, and juicy red blackberries.

Michael & Beth's beautiful bean rows

babies Meg and Brooklyn

Cora & Winston
We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation days back at our old neighbors and friends' backdoors. We missed them!

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