Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Driving south out of Grand Teton National Park into Jackson, WY, we stopped at the Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center. We watched a film about baby animals entitled "Circle of Life". It showed the cutest little bear cub frolicking, hanging on a tree. And other sweet critters too!

Across the street we saw this antler arch, so took some photos. Later, driving through the touristy town we saw 4 more arches on the corners of the downtown park, a very crowded area on a Friday night. 62 degrees here and 100 in Sawyer, KS!

We drove on through...home is sounding near and the sights are losing their inspiring impact. Down 191 we passed through Bondurant -population 100- where quaint rustic cabins & homes with tin roofs spotted the roadside. There was also a teeny elementary school maybe 60' x 80'. We saw more pronghorn and flocks of sheep. A rancher on horseback with a couple dogs was corralling his sheep in for the night. We motored on past the rest area we thought we may stay at (actually never saw it?) and stayed in a gravel lot in Farson, WY.

sunset out the rv back window

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