Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What to do on NE 30th Avenue

What do we do when we have a house that's not yet livable?

Ride bikes we've been without for 4 months!

Caroline riding by the hay field beside our house

Caroline starting down the hill at the end of our 1/3 mile lane

family bike ride sunset 

almost back to the driveway
* Play in the water in the biggest tub we have, and put tubes on the rim so it doesn't poke!

of course noodles are necessary in this deep water
* Wear only onesies because it is 100 degrees and no AC!

*Play with sheet rock computers, cell phones, and other gadgets Daddy so kindly cut out for us!

*Hang out the front door because a little dust and bugs is not a big deal in a ripped apart house!

*Eat on the picnic table outside because the kitchen has no table!

Sunday night supper
Spread out while cooking because the stove works in the kitchen and is much roomier than an RV! 

* Read, read, read -under the fan- for the Library Summer Reading Program!

the girls in their bedroom
Looking forward to cooler weather and a fresh new house!
Meanwhile life goes on!

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