Friday, August 19, 2016

Alaska at Last! Taylor Highway ~Alaska Trip Day 16

We came to the border crossing at 11:30 a.m.; no other cars in sight. The gal that checked our passports said they live right there temporarily. It's a long way to anything either direction, by road anyway!
border crossing compound in the distance

It was an overcast, chilly sort of day. We saw a couple people kneeling in the brush and found out they were picking wild blueberries. Naturally, we stopped and gathered a few ourselves. There were also tiny cranberries mixed in with the blue. In a half hour or so, we stashed 3 quart bags of miniature juiciness into the RV freezer.

Then it rained. Our first drizzly-for-hours cloudy day, hurray! (for the sunshine we've enjoyed)
Way back on the Alaskan Highway we had met motor homes, cars, and motorcycles coming back covered in tan nastiness. Now we know how those vehicles got that way: sloshing on the gravel wilderness roads!

South Forks River
There are public gold panning areas along the Jack Wade Creek. The girls wanted to play in the water some more in hopes of more sparklies, but the cool drizzles kept us trucking on until we entered the unique "town" of Chicken, Alaska. (I use quotes because there are only 7 year-round residents that withstand the long, cold, dark winters here.)

 Bump. Bump. Heave.
It took us parts of 4 days to go approximately 180 miles. We were truly glad to see the pavement and road signs at the Tetlin Junction.

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