Monday, August 29, 2016

Mount McKinley and The Turner Family ~Alaska Trip Day 24

Denali came out after we left the park! We had hung around on the Parks Highway checking out each place the Milepost book said you can view the mountain and on our third day (last chance) we saw Mount McKinley in it's glory. We stopped three times at different places to get photos. Each stop showed more of the majestic white-topped Alaska Range.

Soon after the grand display of this elusive 20,000 plus feet "tall one", we arrived in Wasilla. The Wednesday farmers market had beautiful produce and other assorted market items, including wool
painting, and chaga, a medicinal birch bark growth.

playground time near the farmers market
We finally arrived at the Turner residence at 3:30 p.m. The children met us at the end of the lane on bikes, a very warm welcome! That evening Shane smoked red and silver salmon for a delicious Alaskan feast.

After supper we walked a skip & a hop behind their cabin to a very cold stream where the chums were swimming and splashing at the end of their life's journey to spawn and die. It was amazing to see these big fish in such shallow water. It was amazing to see so much water and cool air and tall meadow growth and spongy muskeg. It was amazing that the children could reach down and pick up the dog salmon, when they got brave enough.

Sunny skies, clear day, longtime friends, the great outdoors; it was a beautiful day in Alaska!

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